Our Ingredients

Delicious Nutrition

We believe you can achieve a lot more through diet than excersise. That’s not to say that excersise isn’t important but if you eat sugar and junk you simply cannot unlock your full potential. We all like to eat delicious food and treats. The key is to make it nutritious. Our belief has always been to create the lowest carb and calorie foods and treats as deliciously as possible.

Carbs: Coming from the low carb industry, we know all about carbs. Sugar is simply a no no for any kind of diet control. Nothing we make contains added sugar. Nothing! In fact, just because an ingredient claims it is sugar free doesn’t always qualify for us. Because of the way our FDA governs carbohydrates, some sugar-free ingredients have more than ½ the glycemic impact as sugar!  That’s not for us. Our ingredients have virtually no impact on GI and never will. Interestingly, one of the side effects of using sugar-free low carbohydrate ingredients is that some contain 95% fewer calories weight for weight. This allows our products to be naturally lower in calories.

Fats: Our protein bars use fats from crushed almonds – one of the cleanest tasting and most expensive nuts. Our chocolate bars get their fat source from cocoa butter, a naturally occurring butter from cocoa beans.

Proteins: Many of our products contain Whey Protein Isolate -  90% pure – the most expensive and purest form of whey protein. As you try our products, you will see we don’t compromise on quality ingredients, taste, or nutritional profiles. We believe eating should be fun, delicious, and healthy.