About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of health enthusiast that stem from the low carb diet revelation that changed the way people eat. We have over 25 years of  experience in the health food industry. Two of our founders were employees of the late Carbolite Foods Company. What we learned from the low carb explosion we brought to ChocoRite along with the latest in food science improvements. The difference is that we don’t think just low carb. We believe that carbs are important but also reducing calories and using natural ingredients is also important.

Our Mission

There are many diet plans today that tell you how to get fit and healthy. Atkins, Weight Watchers, low calorie, low fat, low carb, and the list goes on and on. The problem is that every person’s body is different and what works for some often fails or stalls in others. Most people need these diet plans because they got off track eating chocolate snack foods that are unhealthy in the first place.  At ChocoRite, we have cloned these delicious snack foods only with a healthy nutritional profile. ChocoRite was born out of a need to fulfill people’s desire to consume delicious foods while still adhering to today’s strict diets and lifestyles. Our mission is to manufacture and market truly delicious chocolates and proteins that folks can enjoy without upsetting their diet objectives.

Our Ingredients

We believe that looking great is achieved more through eating than through exercising. You simply can’t look great if you consume sugary junk, bad fats, and excessive calories. We use only the highest quality ingredients to bring you clean & natural snacks and treats that taste simply amazing. Everything we make is reduced calorie, low net carb, and contains as little fat as possible. We never use sugar or hydrogenated oils or skimp on anything. Maltitol, for example, is an ingredient that many companies deduct out to derive their net carb amount. However, maltitol has a Glycemic Index as high as 53 which is hardly zero. We only use Erythritol which has a GI of zero. Erythritol also only contains 0.2 calories per gram compared to sugar at 4 calories per gram which gives our products real calorie reduction. We continue to seek out the latest scientific ingredients to achieve the desired nutritional profiles we demand. In many cases, we must make things because they don’t exist. In fact, we make our own chocolates and they contain as much as 25% protein. I wonder if you can tell.

Taste is Everything

At ChocoRite, we have been all about great taste since our beginnings – even before. Our logo depicts delicious chocolate syrup and this is the expectation everything we make. We are literally some of our greatest critics when it comes to evaluating our items. If it’s not delicious, it’s not worth making. It is this passion for perfection that drives us to continue to make the most delicious items that meet our strict nutritional profiles.