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ChocoRite is proud to announce we are expanding our low carb, low calorie candy offerings.  In the near future, we will offer 2 new flavors: Coconut Almond and Chocolate Covered Caramels. These new items are completely new recipes that deliver exceptional taste while still offering the low calories and carbs you have come to expect from ChocoRite. They should be in stock and ready to ship by late August 2018.

ChocoRite Chicago Fit Expo2016

We're in Chicago for the Fit Expo this weekend. Giving out samples of our newest items and getting mobbed by excited attendees.

As the demand for eliminating sugar and lowering net carbs continues to grow one has to ask, “Are all sugar replacements created equal?” The only real way to measure the impact of sugar replacers is to look at their effect on blood sugar levels in the body and how that impacts dieting and diabetes.

As we began making ChocoRite Protein Bars 10 years ago we tried several formulas with varying results. Our bars were great out of the test kitchen and even better as we scaled them up on the production line. However, over time, the bars would dry out and lose their soft delicious consistencies. Through years of research and development we discovered that competitors who were not having this issue were mostly using an ingredient called hydrolyzed collagen or hydrolyzed gelatin.

Ingredient panel containing hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin.