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As we began making ChocoRite Protein Bars 10 years ago we tried several formulas with varying results. Our bars were great out of the test kitchen and even better as we scaled them up on the production line. However, over time, the bars would dry out and lose their soft delicious consistencies. Through years of research and development we discovered that competitors who were not having this issue were mostly using an ingredient called hydrolyzed collagen or hydrolyzed gelatin.

Ingredient panel containing hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin.

ChocoRite was born from the idea that nutrition can be absolutely delicious! In fact, ChocoRite is really the only true low carb company throughout its entire line of candy and protein products. Some companies claim to be good for diabetics or low carbers but they use maltitol or other high glycemic impact sweeteners. Maltitol has a Glycemic Index as high as 53 and sugar is 100. The GI is an index that measures how much blood sugar rises after eating these sweeteners. Rising blood sugars are particularly bad for for diabetics and dieters. We only use Erythritol which has a GI of zero. Erythritol also only contains 0.2 calories per gram compared to sugar at 4 calories per gram which gives our products real calorie reduction. Please see the independent GI chart for a listing of sweeteners and their corresponding GI.

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